Congratulations for taking custody of your digital assets! Now it is time to safeguard them by securing your recovery seed phrase.

Apolock supports storage of seed phrases consisting of up to 24 words using the BIP39 standard English list. While BIP39 is the standard for most wallets, you may also use your Apolock with recovery phrases generated from non-BIP39 lists as long as the words are numbered.

Regardless of what storage mechanism you use to store your seed phrase, it is extremely important that you keep it safe from the elements and out of reach from others. It is also recommended that you securely keep more than one copy of your seed phrase in case you accidentally lose it. 

Package Contents

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 - Write your recovery seed phrase words and their corresponding number on a piece of paper (using the provided booklet or the list on this website). Review your list for accuracy.


Step 2 - Attach the first anchor and identifying disk #1 to mark the beginning of your seed phrase. Secure it with a separator.


Step 3 - Use the numbered disks to secure the first 12 words of your seed phrase.


Step 4 - Secure the seed words for the second half of of your seed phrase (words 13 to 24). If your seed phrase is only 12 words long, you can skip this step.


Retrieving your Seed Phrase

Identify the starting point of your first 12 seed words by locating the leading #1 disk and write the numbers down in the same order you retrieve them.


Match the numbers you wrote down against the BIP39 word list or the list used by your crypto wallet.


If your seed phrase is 24 words long, repeat the steps for words 13 to 24.


Always keep your Apolock stored in a safe place and do not share your seed phrase or private keys with anyone. APOLOCK WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR SEED PHRASE OR PRIVATE KEYS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.